“Aesthethic Style: Set of elements whose union produces satisfaction.” Infivé motto.

Each of our products is characterized by being classy, comfortable and minimalist looks reminiscent of the aesthetics of the 90’s. Basic garments and colors that combined with the quality of the finish and the cut of the pattern become elegant and absolutely feminine swimwear.

Our main objective is when dressing each of the bodysuits or tops you feel so comfortable that you can take it off the beach and you can combine it with a jeans or a suit. We believe that each of our products are so versatile that they allow you to be used with your daily clothes.

Our garments are designed and manufactured in Spain, with Italian fabrics of the highest quality. Identity, quality and femininity are the key of our swimwear.

Our commitment with the environment means that the materials we use for shipping are fully recyclable, just as we are already working on obtaining sustainable materials for our swimsuits, without these being able to compromise texture or quality.

All of our clothes are made by hand. Each one is unique and made for you.